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Study in Canada: Colleges, Fees, Intake, Admission, Visa, Top Universities, Scholarships

Canada is a student friendly country that welcomes international students to study in Canada from all over the globe. Canada is the home to the World’s Best Top Universities offering state of the art programs with practical learning within the affordable cost. High on academic quality but affordable tuition fees – Studying in Canada is one of the best study destinations for Indian students. Until August 2019, Canada experienced almost 70,000 international students studying at all levels in the country; which explains its very popularity across the world.

Canada's high standard of living, commitment to diversity and equality, and peaceful societal environment make it a magnet for international students. Among them, students from Asian countries such as India, China, and Korea form a significant portion of the international student population pursuing higher education in Canada. At present, approximately 753,000 students hold a Canada student visa, with Indian students accounting for a considerable number. In 2022, Indian students secured 226,450 study permits, a substantial increase from the 52,645 study permits obtained in 2016.

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Tuition Fees for International Students: Study in Canada

When considering studying abroad, thoughts about tuition expenses and budgeting typically come to mind first. However, when it comes to studying in Canada, you can breathe a sigh of relief. The country stands out as a top choice for students due to its reasonably priced study options. The combined costs of education and living in Canada usually range from 38,000 to 39,000 CAD per year for international students. Undergraduate tuition fees vary between 1,800 and 20,000 CAD (equivalent to 1.07 to 11.95 lakhs INR) annually. Additional expenses like housing, meals, educational materials, and transportation will factor into your overall budget. On average, you can anticipate an annual expenditure of around 12,000 CAD (equivalent to 7.17 lakhs INR). Study program Average annual fee (in CAD*)
1 Undergraduate program $13,000 to $20,000 per year
2 Postgraduate master’s degree $17,000 to $25,000 per year
3 Doctoral degree $7,000 to $15,000 per year
4 MBA $30,000 to $40,000 per year

*Please note all fee figures are indicative

Study in Canada: Top Colleges for International Students

Some of the leading universities in Canada for masters, bachelors, and other programs, offering admission to international students across various academic terms are as follows.

The most popular study courses in Canada offered in the universities of Canada are related to business and engineering. Among these study programs MBA in Canada is the most popular course. The other courses taken by the international students are Aeronautical engineering, Chemical engineering, Civil engineering, Computer science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The study fields in which the Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Canada are available are as:

Top Colleges Average Tuition Fee (CAD) Avg. Annual Fees in INR
University of Toronto  40,000 24.27 lakhs
University of British Columbia 34,000 20.63 lakhs
McGill University 27,000 16.38 lakhs
McMaster University 45,000 27.30 lakhs
University of Montreal 17,000 10.31 lakhs
University of Alberta 21,000 12.74 lakhs
University of Ottawa 25,000 15.17 lakhs
University of Calgary 37,000 22.45 lakhs
University of Waterloo 40,000 24.27 lakhs
Western University 23,000 13.95 lakhs
Queen’s University 24,000 14.56 lakhs
University of Calgary 12,695 7.70 lakhs
University of Ottawa 30,000 18.20 lakhs
Dalhousie University 10,341 6.27 lakhs
Simon Fraser University 12,400 7.52 lakhs
University of Victoria 25,499 15.47 lakhs

Explore the Best Universities in Canada for Your Academic Journey: A Comprehensive List for Aspiring Students.

For Study in Canada, there are the top universities in Canada that are offering the various study programs which are considered to be the best universities in the world.

University in Canada Global rank(US news) Qs World Rank Students
University of Toronto 84 29 75,821
University of British Columbia 78 51 56,981
McGill University 75 35 31,581
University of Alberta 68 113
University of Montreal 67 137 36,264
University of Calgary 65 233 33,099
University of Waterloo 63 173 33,613
Western University 59 211 28,000
Queen’s University 55 239 25,288

Why Choose Canada for Your International Student Experience

Canada is regularly ranked among the most prestigious countries around the globe and is the most desirable nation on earth for living standards. What are the advantages of studying at a university in Canada instead of India is thought to be an ideal option since the academic standards at top universities are comparable to. Based on a recent survey.

  • Easy visa policy: Canada warmly embraces international students, offering them a hospitable environment. With its immigration-friendly policies and culturally diverse cities, students find it comfortable to live and study abroad.
  • Cost-effective quality education: Regarded as a superior study destination when compared to the USA, Canada guarantees a high-quality education at reasonable costs. The expenses associated with studying in Canada are notably more affordable, and there are abundant scholarship opportunities available to students.
  • Plenty of similar job opportunities for natives and immigrants: Canada's job market provides an array of opportunities for both native residents and newcomers.
  • Declining international acceptance rates in the US: The decreasing acceptance rate of the US F1 visa has paved the way for Canada to emerge as the next sought-after study destination. 
  • Canada’s International Education Strategy (2019-2024) is aiming to promote global ties and diversify the education sector.

QS World University Rankings 2019 includes the colleges of Canada in 26 in addition to THE World University Rankings 2019 has ranked 27 of them. The most compelling reason Canadian education is exceptional is due to its strong emphasis on research and development. If you’re an examiner there isn’t a nation more suited to your needs than Canada. The federal government of Canada can provide great help to research the areas that include telecoms, medical agribusiness ecology science, and the future of innovation.

Discover the Best Courses for International Students in Canada

Top Program University Tuition in INR
BBA in Canada UToronto | SFU | Dalhousie University 18-22 lakh
Bachelor of Engineering in Canada UToronto | University of Calgary | UBC 6-28 lakhs
MBA in Canada U of T | McGill University | UWO 11-59 lakhs
MS in Data Science in Canada UBC | Toronto Metropolitan University | U of T 12 lakhs
MS in Business Analytics in Canada UBC | York University | University of Alberta 14-36 lakhs
Masters in Computer Science in Canada UToronto | UWaterloo | UBC 9.5 to 57.9 lakhs
Masters in Civil Engineering in Canada U of T | UBC | UWaterloo 14-22 lakhs
PG Diploma Courses in Canada Algonquin College | Centennial College | Fleming College 7-15 lakhs
Masters in Engineering Management in Canada U of T | University of Alberta | University of Ottawa 11-23 lakhs
Masters in Cyber Security in Canada University of Ottawa | Concordia University | University of New Brunswick 9.5 to 23 lakhs
Masters in Health Informatics in Canada University of Toronto | McMaster University | Western University 7.78 to 26.93 lakhs
Masters in Architecture in Canada University of Toronto | UBC | McGill University 6 to 19 lakhs
Masters in Artificial Intelligence in Canada U of T | University of Alberta | University of Waterloo 17 to 42 lakhs
Masters in Psychology in Canada U of T | UBC | McGill University 5 to 14 lakhs

Popular Programs and Courses in Canada: International students predominantly choose courses in Business and Finance, Engineering, Computer Science and IT, Humanities, Health & Medicine, Life Sciences, and Media & Journalism. A plethora of esteemed universities in Canada currently offer one-year master's programs. Here are additional enticing programs to anticipate when considering studying in Canada

Program Colleges Tuition in INR
Masters in Social WorK in Canada U of T | McGill University | UBC 9.79 to 24.54 lakhs
Masters in Criminology in Canada U of T | University of Ottawa | Simon Fraser University 12 to 33 lakhs
Masters in Software Engineering in Canada Concordia University | University of Regina | University of Sherbrooke 6 to 18 lakhs
Masters in Statistics in Canada U of T | UBC | McMaster University 4 to 16 lakhs
Interior Design Courses in Canada Conestoga College | Humber College | George Brown College 6 to 18 lakhs
PharmD in Canada U of T | UBC | McGill University 10 to 38 lakhs
BSc. Nursing in Canada U of T | McGill University | McMaster University 15 to 30 lakhs
B.Arch in Canada McGill University | University of Toronto | University of British Columbia 5 to 40 lakhs
M.Ed. in Canada U of T | UBC | McGill University 5 to 27 lakhs

What to Study in Canada? Discover Diverse Programs and Opportunities for Your Academic Journey.

Education in Canada is not only affordable but also holds global recognition. The flexibility and diverse range of programs provided by the Canadian education system stand out as the primary factors driving a nearly 400% increase in the number of international students studying in Canada over the past decade. The Canadian education system is structured into three distinct levels:

  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Post-secondary Education
Post-Secondary Programs Duration
Certificate 1 year
Diploma 1 to 2 years
Advanced Diploma 2 to 3 years
Bachelor’s Degree 4 years full-time study
Post-Graduate Diploma or Certificates 1 or 2 years
Master’s Degree 1 to 2 years
Doctorate or Ph.D. 4 to 7 years

Language Requirements:Proficiency in at least one of Canada's two official languages, namely English and French, is a compulsory requirement for students. Additionally, some Canadian universities provide the option to enroll in language courses for those looking to further develop their language skills.

Where to Study in Canada?

According to the QS World rankings, the best student friendly cities in Canada are where the education is excellent and apt for the living including the cost of living, transportation, safety and the employment opportunities are:

  • Toronto: Located in the province of Ontario, Toronto is home to Canada’s most reputable university, University of Toronto. It is also the largest city in Canada and boasts of being one of the world’s most multicultural cities. The city is known as the financial center of Canada, with 5 of the largest banks in the country. 
  • Vancouver: This young city in Canada, is the third-largest metropolis in the country. It makes it to the most liveable cities in the world. Home to universities like the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Victoria, and more, it is best for students who wish to combine city-living with laid-back outdoors within easy reach.
  • Montreal: Canada’s second-largest city is the highest in a concentration of post-secondary students. It also features in Best Student Cities as per QS. It is home to universities like McGill, University de Montreal, and Concordia University.
  • Edmonton: The capital of province Alberta, Edmonton is also popularly called the Festival City. It is home to UAlberta and offers students relatively decent weather to survive in Canada.  

Admission Requirements For Study In Canada

An Admission process 2024 for study in Canada differs from the province to province. Generally, the simple steps to follow for the admission for study in Canada are:

  1. Choose the study program in Canada and the level of study in Canada.
  2. Decide in which level to study in Canada and in which province the student wants to take class.
  3. Check with the deadlines of universities in Canada in all the selected preferences. Fill the application form of the university you want to apply.
  4. Choose the intake in which you want to enrol for study in Canada.
  5. Upload the academic transcripts and language assessment certificates.
  6. In case you meet the scholarship eligibility in Canada apply for the scholarship programs available in the study course.
  7. After getting the Letter of Acceptance from the university, the student can pay a fee to book his or seat in the university.
  8. Apply for the Study Visa in Canada.( for which the Letter of Acceptance is mandatory).

Application timeline of pursuing higher education in Canada is as follows:

Month Details
September/October Fill in the online application form
January/February Submit all the required documents
March-May The response is sent by the university
May - July Apply for and obtain a student visa to Canada
September Orientation session, the program commences

Study in Canada : Admission Requirements

Documents required to study in the top universities in Canada are listed below:

  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Academic transcripts from your previous institution, that is
    • School-leaving certificate, if applying for a Bachelors course
    • Bachelor's degree certificate, if applying to a Masters course
    • Any other relevant certificates of merit
  • Letter of recommendation, if needed
  • Proof of English language proficiency (Average scores):
    • IELTS: 6.5
    • TOEFL iBT: 80
    • PTE: 60 or equivalent test scores
  • Statement of purpose for Canada
  • Resume or CV, if needed

Study in Canada: Achieve Your Academic Goals with IELTS Qualification

  1. The other requirements include the language tests such as IELTS /TOEFL or PTE. The minimum requirement in IELTS is a 6.5 band score whereas in TOEFL it is 100 and in PTE it is 65.
  2. For studying MBA in Canada, the minimum acceptable score in GMAT is 660.
  3. For studying MBBS in Canada, the minimum acceptable score in MCAT is 490- 500.
Test Requirement Score/ Band Scale
IELTS(Language test) 6.5
TOEFL(Language test) 100
PTE(Language test) 65
GMAT(for Degree in Business Administration) 660
MCAT( for Degree in Medicine) 490- 500

The minimum IELTS score requirements to study in some of the top Canadian universities are listed below

University IELTS score PTE score
University of Toronto 6.5 70
McGill University 6.5 -
University of British Columbia 6.5 65 with 60 in each section
University of Alberta 6.5 61 with 60 in each section
McMaster University 6.5 60 overall with 60 in writing and speaking
University of Calgary 6.5 59
University of Ottawa 6.5 60 overall with 60 in writing
University of Saskatchewan 6.5 Overall 63 with 59 in each section

Navigate the Process: Canada Student Visa Guide for International Students

You need to have information before applying for the student visa for Canada. If the student is applying for a Study Visa for Canada, then the student may apply online. Canada allows international students to study in Canada on study permit in Canada which is valid for the same period as the study program plus one year. But along with the study permit, a visitor visa is required to enter Canada.

Demystifying Entry: Essential Student Visa Requirements to Study in Canada

Because of the limitations of Covid International students are able to travel to Canada when they have been completely vaccine-free. The full dosage in Covid vaccination is necessary in order to be able to enter Canada. Due to Covid travel limitations, it could take months before you hear the outcome of your application.

A student visa in Canada is your key to start studying in the best universities in Canada. Below we mentioned the requirements for the study abroad Canada permit, to obtain a Canada student visa. The Canada student visa fees for the application costs around $150 and the Canada student visa process may take up to 90 days.

The Canada student visa requirements and process to study in Canada as below

  • An acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution (DLI)
  • Give proof that you can support yourself while in Canada.
  • Meet the India visa office requirements.
  • Must provide a valid passport or travel document
  • You must apply for the study permit before you come to Canada.

Steps For Student Permit For Canada

  1. Firstly, you need the Letter of Acceptance from the Designated Learning Institute in Canada.
  2. Then apply for a student visa to enter Canada.
  3. The student may submit an online application for the student visa along with the application fee of $ 150.
  4. For the Student permit in Canada, the student has to submit three important documents as:
    • Covid Vaccine Certificate.
    • Valid Passport or Travel document.
    • Proof of Financial support( bank statement for 4 months or GIC, or bank draft, or proof of paid tuition or housing fees or scholarship).
    • In some cases, the student may need the Letter of Explanation telling about your responsibilities as a student and the explanation why you want to study in Canada.
  5. Get all the documents ready and apply online.
What documents are required to apply for the student permit?
  • letter of acceptance from the designated learning institution (DLI) is mandatory to apply for a student visa.
  • Valid passport or travel document
  • Identity proof, authorized by the resident’s government.
  • financial statement in support of the candidate’s eligibility to meet living costs and fees is also required.
  • Medical information
  • A letter defining your statement of intent and how will you add to the pool of resources there.

Plan Your Education: Tuition Fees for Popular Courses When Studying in Canada

Some of the most popular courses in Canada for international students are listed below.

Courses  Total Fees in INR
MBA in Canada 11-59 lakhs
Masters in Canada 14-22 lakhs
Masters in Data Science in Canada 12 lakhs
Masters in Business Analytics in Canada 14-36 lakhs
Masters in Computer Science in Canada 9.5 to 57.9 lakhs
BTech in Canada 1.1 Cr or more
PG Diploma in Canada 7-15 lakhs
Masters in International Business 19-49 lakhs
Masters in Mechanical Engineering 8 to 29 lakhs
Bachelors in Computer Science 88 lakhs

Comparing Costs: Tuition Fees in Canada vs USA and UK

A close comparison of the average expenses of studying in Canada, USA and UK is tabulated below.

Country Level of Study Annual Costs (CAD) Cost (INR equivalents)
Canada Undergraduate $7,700 - $23,200 3-12 Lakhs
Graduate $11,600 - $27,000 6-15 Lakhs

Undergraduate $7,700 - $27,000 3-15 Lakhs
Graduate $15,500 - $46,500 8-25 Lakhs

Undergraduate $11,000 - $20,000 6-11 Lakhs
Graduate $13,600 - $27,800 7-15 Lakhs


Budgeting Your Education: How Much Does It Cost to Study in Canada?

The costs vary depending on the university of choice or level of study. Explore Tuition, Living Expenses, and Financial Planning. However, the basic costs for certain programs and at a certain levels of study are:

  • Undergraduate programs- 7,700 - 23,200 CAD (annual)
  • Some of the popular bachelor’s programs costs in Canada:
    • Btech in Canada: 158,000 to 323,000 CAD (total)
  • Postgraduate Programs-  11,600 - 27,000 CAD (annual)
  • Some of the popular masters programs to study in Canada:
    • Masters in Canada: 20,000 to 30,000 CAD (annual)
    • MBA in Canada: 21,000 to 105,000 CAD (overall costs).
    • Masters in Data Science in Canada: 22,000 to 44,000 CAD (overall costs).
    • Masters in Business Analytics in Canada: 26,000 to 56,000 CAD (overall costs).

Candian Student Visa

  • Eligibility: Register to DLI, show minimum funds, obtain a medical certificate, proof that you will leave Canada after completion of studies. 
  • Application Fees: 150 CAD (8,995 INR)
  • Minimum Funds Required: 10,000-11,000 CAD (5.99 to 6.59 lakhs INR) for the applicant.

Explore a List of Canadian Universities Offering Scholarships for International Students

To reduce the financial burden, prospective students can apply for scholarships in Canada for international students initiated by the Government of Canada and external organizations.

Scholarship Eligibility Award Application
Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Canadian and Foreign citizens $54,219 per year (taxable) Registration at Canadian Common CV and ResearchNet Account
Canada-CARICOM Leadership Scholarships Program Students from Caribbean Countries pursuing undergraduate and graduate programs 4 months: $5,576 | 5-6 months: $7,513 | 8 months: $11,386 Canadian institutes register at ‘International Scholarships Canada Application Tool’ for eligible students
Canada-ASEAN Scholarships and Educational Exchanges for Development (SEED) Students from ASEAN countries 5-6 months: $8,675 | 8 months: $11,153 Scholarships Canada Application Tool’ for eligible students
Queen’s University International Scholarship India Indian applicants with 80% or more $15,314 No application required
Queen’s University International Scholarships For international students with higher academic grades $6,969 No application required
UBC International Major Entrance Scholarship UG applicant for UBC with high academic grades Variable No application required

Work Opportunities During Study In Canada:

Work On campus: The international student who is pursuing his study in Canada can work on the campus of the university for a fixed number of hours and only if you have a valid study permit.

Work Off Campus: Being an international student you can work off campus in case you are a full time student in the Designated Learning Institute and your study program is at least 6 months long and leads to a degree or diploma or a certificate.

Fields Job Profile Expected Average Salary (USD)
Management Recruitment Professional Specialized 62,932
Statistician and Actuaries 69,404
Senior Business Manager 75,241
Engineering Chemical Engineer 65840
Mechanical Engineer 61,967
Environmental Engineer 80,348
Medicine Dentist 99,148
Pharmacist 77,465
Veterinarians 77,465

Study In Canada FAQs
Choose the study program in Canada, and the university where you wish to study in Canada. Then apply to the university to get the Letter of Acceptance which you need further to apply for a study permit in Canada.
The study in Canada is more affordable as compared to the other developed nations as its living cost is less. Approximately the tuition fee per year ranges between 9 to 30 lakh depending on the course and the university.
Yes, the international student has to show proof of funds for his tuition fee for the study program.
In the case of doctoral degrees, various scholarships in Canada are available. And for the other courses of study also there are a number of scholarships given by the government and the non governmental organisations.
If the international student gets the scholarship program then the tuition fee will be covered in the scholarship or it means the study in Canada is free of cost.
Canada is a welcoming country with a moderately selective admission policy. The acceptance rate of the top universities in Canada ranges around 40-60%. Some of the best Canadian universities with high acceptance rate are University of Brunswick (74%), Toronto Metropolitan University (55%), Lakehead University (55%), University of Montreal (50%), University of Guelph (50%).
To avail a Canada student visa, international students must submit a letter of acceptance from a Canadian institute of higher education. Additionally students require a proof of identity, proof of finance availability, medical certificate, police certificate and proof of intention to leave Canada after study.
Fall intake is the most preferred admission session in Canada as the Canadian universities accept maximum students in this intake. In addition, students get enough time to acclimatize with the climate and studies in Canada in the fall intake. Winter is the second most preferred admission intake in Canada.
The universities in Canada accept international students in 3 intakes of fall, winter and summer. Fall is the most popular intake with admissions opening for maximum number of programs while summer is the least popular intake.
According to employability rank of Times Higher Education, the top universities in Canada are University of Toronto (#1), McGill University (#2), University of British Columbia (#3), University of Montreal (#4), McMaster University (#5), University of Alberta (#6) and University of Ottawa (#7) among others.
According to Emolument, Executive MBA (159,000 CAD p.a.) is the highest paying degree in Canada followed by Doctorate (150,000 CAD p.a.). LLM graduates in Canada earn 114,000 CAD p.a. on an average, while MBA graduates secure 110,000 CAD per annum.
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