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Study in Germany: Top Universities, Costs, Eligibility, Admission, Ranking, Visa

Study in Germany is the preferred option for the international students who want to pursue their study in the fields of Architecture, Business, Engineering, Medicine. The international students study in Germany as they get high quality education along with a unique cultural experience on an affordable fee.

Germany is also known as “Land of Poets and Thinkers” and is also famous for its cars, bread, and cathedrals. Moreover, there are 4000 higher education institutions and German universities have high international rankings. There are over 3,00,000 international students with the second highest number coming from India.

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Study In Germany Key Features

Type of Expenses Cost during Study in Germany (per year)
Tuition fee 24- 25 lakh (INR)
One time Visa application fee 4000 INR
Accommodation 33,000 to 7 lakh INR
Books Max. 1 lakh INR
Health insurance 40,000 INR

Why Study In Germany

The first and most important reason to study in Germany is the cost of living. As one of the richest countries in the world, the cost of living in Germany is very affordable, compared to most other developed nations. The most expensive expenses are airfare and accommodation. While it can be expensive to live in a city, you can save money by renting a room or dorm, or sharing an apartment with other students. You will also have less of a chance to be lonely and miss your friends back home.

In addition to being affordable, the cost of living in Germany is very high. Food is cheap, and shopping is also relatively cheap. You’ll probably want to spend some time eating out, but you’ll barely break a sweat. Public transportation is inexpensive, and many things are discounted for students. And if you’re on a tight budget, you’ll be able to save even more money by learning German. While studying in Germany, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet talented professionals and build lifelong friendships.

  • Tuition-free university education: Most of the institutes do not charge tuition fees. Instead, students are required to pay a nominal fee of 250 EUR (~20,930 INR) per semester, which covers administrative expenses.
  • A wide array of courses: A wealth of options awaits prospective students, with over 1,800 international programs available alongside an impressive array of 18,000 Bachelor's, Master's, and doctoral degree programs to select from.
  • World-class universities: Germany hosts a rich tapestry of higher education, housing over 400 institutions. Among these, a notable 150 universities provide courses and degree programs in English, catering to a global student base. Furthermore, approximately 30 German universities have secured positions within the world's top 500 rankings. On average, the acceptance rate for German institutes stands at around 92%.
  • Dual Education System: Enables students to embark on an apprenticeship within a company concurrently with pursuing a vocational course at a vocational school. International students have the opportunity to earn between 14 to 19 EUR (~1170-1590 INR) per hour.
  • Economical cost of living: The cost of living in Germany amounts to approximately 841 to 1,287 EUR per month, a relatively modest amount when compared to its European counterparts.
  • Financial Aid and Scholarships: Numerous scholarships are made available to both undergraduate and postgraduate students in Germany through institutions like DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) as well as various non-governmental foundations.
  • Employment/Job opportunities for graduates: With a remarkably low graduate unemployability rate of 5.4%, which stands as the lowest in Europe, Germany shines as an employment haven for graduates. Impressively, almost 77% of graduates secure employment within Germany within mere months of completing their degrees.

The country’s long and fascinating history is another reason to study in Germany. There are countless standing monuments, including the famous Potsdam Castle. There’s also a lot of cultural diversity in Germany, and you’ll enjoy the diversity of Berlin and Munich. In fact, there’s a growing number of people expressing their creativity in Berlin. You’ll have a great time there! You’ll be able to travel to many parts of Europe, and you’ll be surrounded by the best of both worlds.

10 Great reasons to Study in Germany as an International student:

  • Very low tuition fee.
  • World class education.
  • Hundreds of academic courses.
  • Country with a profound history.
  • Cultural diversity.
  • Speaking English and German.
  • Work opportunities after study.
  • Can study every subject in English.
  • Cost of living is affordable.
  • Explore the world class culture, history and landscape.

Popular Universities for International Students

As a large number of international students apply to German universities, these Global rankings of German Universities give them insight about the academic reputation, research reputation of the universities globally so that they can be named Best Universities in Germany for international students.

Name of the institute THE World Rankings 2022 QS Rankings 2022 International Student Population
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich #32 #64 17%
Technical University of Munich #38 #=50 27%
Heidelberg University #42 #63 18.6%
Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin #73 #=58 19%
University of Tübingen #=78 #177 14%
Humboldt University of Berlin #74 #=128 18%
University of Freiburg #108 #172 23%
RWTH Aachen University #108 #165 21%
University of Bonn #112 #=226 13%
Free University of Berlin #83 #127 21%

Some of the top institutes in the country along with their enrollment statistics are depicted in the graph students population in germany

Popular Courses To Study In Germany

Courses in Germany for international students or Top courses to study in Germany are as:

Best Course in Germany for International Students Best University for Study Programme in Germany
Engineering Technische Universitat Munchen
Business management University of Mannheim
Humanities Humboldt Universitat Zu Berlin
Maths and Computer Sciences Technische Universitat Munchen , Rheinische Friedrich- Wilhems-Universitt Bonn
Fine and Applied arts Technische Universität Berlin

The Popular courses for Indian students in Germany are Master courses in Germany related to engineering particularly in Automotive courses after completion of which the international students get highly paid jobs in Germany. The Best Automotive courses in Germany are given in the University “Technische universitat Munchen”.

How to Study in Germany: Application Process

If you have reached a final decision that Germany is the country you are applying to in the upcoming session, it is highly recommended to start working on your application at the earliest possible opportunity. To serve you in the process, the step-by-step guide for the application process of Germany is as compiled below.

  1. Explore your options: Since the nation has nearly 400 countries offering over 20,000 programs, choose the alternative that best fits your needs and budget.
  2. Plan your finances: Germany is renowned for offering almost free to affordable education to aspirants irrespective of their nationalities. While most public universities in the country are free of cost, private and master programs might charge fees at par with other renowned institutes of the world.
  3. Prepare your application: Universities in Germany usually follow their own application process, minimal application fee (not more than 50 EUR) and deadlines. Some institutes are organized centrally and accept applications via UniAssist. Make sure you have carefully gone through all the eligibility requirements of your particular course
  4. Submit your application: The country has 2 admission seasons with their individual deadlines. Applicants are highly encouraged to send in applications at least 4 to 6 months prior to these deadlines, especially if they have to apply for a visa to avoid last-minute complications like the rejection of a visa etc.
  5. Apply for a study in Germany visa: As soon as you have received your acceptance letter, apply for a student visa at your nearest German Embassy along with relevant documents like passport, health insurance and proof of funds. From January 2020, an applicant has to demonstrate funds of around 10,236 EUR to be eligible for a student visa.

Admission Requirements to Study in Germany

Some basic information regarding the admission process and basic requirements are as tabulated below.

Where to apply Uni Assist portal/ Individual portals of respective universities
Application Fee 75 EUR per course with 30 EUR for each extra course in the same semester
Basic Requirements Transcripts, Standardised tests like GMAT or GRE
Additional Requirements Valid Visa, Interview (video interview on a case-to-case basis), CV, Statement of purpose
German/English Language Requirements IELTS: 6.5; TOEFL: 69 to 80 (German language requirements for courses in German)

Costs to Study In Germany

Study costs in Germany for Indian students are very low as compared to other European countries as the higher education in Germany is mostly funded by the Government or is provided in Public universities. To enrol for public universities with free education, the Indian students have to show their language competency in German mostly up to B1 level and a few courses are also in English or Study in Germany for free. The international students need to clear GRE for entry into study courses in Germany.

Out of 16 states in Germany, 11 states provide free education while the other states charge 500 euros only.

How Much Does It Cost To Study In Germany

Study Courses in Germany Fees in INR
Vocational or diploma courses 26,000 per year
Bachelor degree 26,000 per year
Master Degree 26,000 per year

Study in Germany for free and here is the list of Public universities in Germany where there is no tuition fee:

  • University of Stuttgart
  • University of Mannheim
  • University of Bonn
  • University of Cologne
  • University of Hamburg

Fee At Best Or Top Universities In Germany:

Best University For Study in Germany Germany Tuition fee for international students
Heidelberg University 20,000 Euros per year
Humboldt University of Berlin No tuition fee
Technical University of Munich 258 Euros per year

Student Visa Requirements for Study in Germany

There Are 3 Types Of German Student Visas As:
  1. German Student Visa- is for the international students who want to study in Germany.
  2. German Student application visa- Is valid for applying to university in person.
  3. German language visa- to study German language course only.
German Student Visa Requirements For Indian Students

Visa Application documents:

  • Filled and signed Visa application form.
  • National passport.
  • Two copies of a passport.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Recent passport size photograph.
  • Proof of financial resources.
  • Proof of university admission.
  • Evidence of earlier education.
Steps For Getting Student Visa For Germany:
  1. Locate and go to the German consulate.
  2. Review and collect the required documents.
  3. Get a Visa appointment.
  4. Pay Student Visa for Germany application fee of 60 to 75 Euros.
  5. Prepare for your Visa interview.

Note: The average time processing for a Study Visa for Germany is 25 days.

List Of Scholarships For Study In Germany

Germany is truly a student friendly country with low tuition fee and the number of scholarships for Study in Germany for international students or Indian students or Study in Germany for free.

Scholarship in Germany 2022 for Indian students Benefit of German scholarship Duration
DAAD  Scholarship 850 Euros per month Full time study course
Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarships 649 Euros per month Master study
Deutschland Stipendium Scholarship 150 Euros per month For 2 semesters of study
Konrad Adenauer- stiftung Scholarship 850 Euros per month For Phd and Master programme

Popular Cities To Study In Germany

Germany is a wonderful country for international students and is regarded as having the Best cities in Germany for the International or Indian Students. The Best cities or cheapest cities in Germany to live are:

  • Munich
  • Berlin
  • Stuttgart
  • Frankfurt
  • Dresden’
  • Aachen
  • Bonn
  • Hamburg
  • Cologne
  • Leipzig

Work Opportunities During Study In Germany

International students in Germany can do part time jobs such as:

  • Student assistant job
  • Work at a cafe.
  • Production assistant
  • Working online

Being an international student one can earn 450 Euros per month approximately. The international from Non EU countries can work 240 days for half time or 120 days for full time.

Post Study Work Permit In Germany

The international students in Germany can stay for 18 months to find work in the related field of study and this is known as residence permit extension.

Best Cities to find job in Germany

  • Munich
  • Stuttgart
  • Hamburg
  • Cologne
  • Dusseldorf
  • Bonn
  • Leipzig
  • Darmstadt

Study In Germany FAQs
First of all, check the university and its admission requirements. Meet the proof of funds requirement and tuition fee and apply for the university application. After getting accepted by the university, apply for the student visa.
The study cost in Germany is approximately 10,000 euros per month including the tuition fee and the living expenses.
Yes, for study in Germany, the international student has to show proof of funds which is approximately 10,000 euros.
The scholarships available for study in Germany are many depending upon the type of Study program you are enrolled for.
Yes, studying in Germany is free in many public universities and for that you need to meet certain requirements. To know about Study in Germany in detail, kindly contact us at Britannica Overseas and our expert team will guide you further.
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