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Study in Singapore: Fees, Eligibility, Admission, Top Universities, Scholarships, Intake

Study in Singapore for Indian Students is highly preferred as education in Singapore is highly valued and elaborated. Singapore’s education is determined by high academic performance in higher education and The National University of Singapore is the largest educational institute for higher studies and this university has 20th ranking on the QS World Rankings.

Study in Singapore Key Features

Here’s an overview of all the factors that an international student must know about while planning to study abroad in Singapore: 

Language of Instruction English
Average Cost of Study SD$ 17,000 - SD$ 90,000/ year
Average Cost of Living SD$ 1,000- SD$ 1,500/ month (excluding rent)
Sources of Funding Loans, Scholarships, Aids and Part-time jobs
Exams Required IELTS,TOEFL,PTE,GRE,GMAT, etc.
Intakes August and February
Type of Visa Student Pass
Top Courses Marine Biology, Business Studies, Banking and Financing, Tourism and Hospitality, Architecture, Medicine, etc.
Types of Degrees Diploma, Undergraduate Degree, Graduate Degree, Doctorate Degree

Why Study In Singapore?

Singapore is considered to be the best Study destination due to its world class education at affordable costs as compared to other countries such as the UKUSA or other developed countries. The Nanyang technological university and the University of Singapore are the world ranked universities in Singapore among 50 best universities of the world. Moreover, the educational institutes offer the wide range of study programs and courses in business and tourism are the favourite ones.

study in singapore

Rising amidst a skyline adorned with skyscrapers, Singapore is rapidly solidifying its position as a premier international study destination in Asia. It magnetizes students from every corner of the globe, drawn by its renowned standing as a hub of academic distinction, home to universities and institutions that consistently secure prominent positions in major global rankings. Notably, Singapore's prominence as the IT and Business nucleus of Asia further amplifies its allure.

Beyond its academic prowess, Singapore shines on several vital fronts, including student contentment, safety, and affordability. The country's stature as an economic juggernaut, offering a plethora of exceptional job prospects spanning diverse sectors, seamlessly complements its esteemed education system. Consequently, this cosmopolitan city-country stands proudly as one of the most coveted educational havens worldwide.

Educational System For International Students

Singapore’s education system is considered one of the best education systems in the world by OECD. In Singapore, 20% of the budget is given to the education sector and the medium of instruction is English.

In 2020, the Singaporeans made 50% of the scores in International Baccalaureate exams. The Study in Singapore for International students is based on the tiered system of tertiary education in Singapore and Singapore has 6 autonomous universities such as National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technical University, Singapore Management University, Singapore University of technology and design, Singapore Institute of technology and Singapore University of Social Sciences and the various colleges in Singapore for international students.

Here’s a quick look at the programs offered in Singapore:

  • Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Specialized Diplomas: These provide you with a comprehensive understanding of a specific subject, allowing you to delve deeper into the intricacies through an advanced or specialized diploma. Typically spanning a duration of two to three years, these programs offer the opportunity for specialization.
  • Undergraduate Degree: The undergraduate program entails a full-time pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in a chosen field of study. This academic journey typically spans a duration of 3 to 4 years for completion. Additionally, certain colleges provide the option of honours programs to further enrich the educational experience.
  • Masters Degree: The duration of a Master's program in Singapore can vary depending on the chosen specialization, typically ranging from one to two years. 
  • Doctoral Degree: While the designated timeframe for completing a Doctorate degree in Singapore ranges from two to five years, it is common for a majority of students to complete their doctoral studies within approximately 5 year.

As a International Studetn, you’re free to pursue your overseas study in Singapore in any type of Singaporean institute you resonate with. The types of higher education institutes in Singapore are: 

Type of Institution Key Points
Public Universities Government-owned universities; Subsidised mostly for the residents of Singapore
Private Universities Run by private institutes, offer a variety of courses but are slightly more expensive than the public universities
Polytechnics Offers various diplomas
Foreign Universities & Institutes Branches of various foreign institutes and private academies offering programs and degrees
Art Schools Private art institutes offering art specialised courses

Credit System in Singapore

The majority of universities in Singapore follow the GPA credit system, where academic achievements are denoted by corresponding letter grades. At esteemed Singaporean universities, students typically need to maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 for their studies.

  • Most universities in Singapore such as the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore University of Technology and Design follow the 5.0 grading scale. 
  • Singapore Management University follows a 4.0 grading system. 
  • Scoring a 3.5 GPA is considered to be a fairly decent score in Singapore. While a score of 4 and above is well appreciated.

cost of living in singapore

Study In Singapore: Top Universities For International Students

There are three top universities in Singapore that excel in all sections and contribute to the overall development of students. Let us have a look at the best universities in Singapore:

University QS World Ranking 2022 Tuition Fees/ Year
National University of Singapore 11 SD$15,000 - SD$58,000
Nanyang Technological University 12 SD$14,000 - SD$34,000
Singapore Management University 511-520 SD$24,000 - SD$47,000
Singapore University Of Technology and Design - SD$14,350 - SD$60,000
PSB Academy - SD$20,000 onwards
James Cook University - Singapore - SD$12,000 - SD$60,000
Singapore Institute of Management - SD$20,000 - SD$50,000
London School of Business and Finance - SD$13,000 - SD$43,000

Top Courses In Singapore For International Students

The international students not only go for the post graduate courses in Singapore, but also for the under graduate courses after completing their 10 +2 in their own country. So there are numerous courses for Study in Singapore for the international students after 10+ 2:

The most popular degree courses in Singapore that students opt to study are:

Program Duration Average Tuition Fees/ year
MBA 12 - 17 months SD$ 40,000 - SD$65,000
MSc Maritime Technology and Management 1 year SD$ 25,000 - SD$35,000
MSc Computer Science 1-2 years SD$ 20,000 - SD$40,000
LLB 3-4 years SD$ 25,000 - SD$ 50,000
BBA 3-4 years SD$26,000 - SD$28,000
MBBS 5 years SD$28,000 - SD$42,000
MSc International Tourism Management 1-2 years SD$20,000 - SD$35,000
MSc in Electrical Engineering 2 years SD$25,000 - SD$45,000
  • Marine Biology
  • Business and Management
  • Banking and finance 
  • IT and Computing
  • Engineering 
  • Tourism and Hospitality 
  • Architecture
  • Medicine
  • Law

Admission Requirements To Study In Singapore

The admission requirements For the Indian Students for Study in Singapore is the minimum requirement is to have a 70 % score in academics and the student must be of 18 years of age. For admission process, the international students need to present:

  • Attested photocopies of academic scores.
  • Two Reference letters.
  • Statement of Purpose( SOP)
  • Attach Resume
  • Entrance exam reports as IELTS/ TOEFL Or GMAT/ GRE.
  • Proof of funds.

Steps For Admission Process:

  • Search for the university in which you want to study.
  • Go for the entrance exams like GMAT or GRE , and the language tests
  • such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Prepare SOP and take LOR(Letter of Reference).
  • Prepare for the video interview for admission into a university.

Intakes Of Singapore Universities 2023

Government University Intakes Feb and Aug
Private University Intakes Jan, Feb, July, Aug, Sep and Oct.


Entrance Exam  Eligibility
IELTS 6.5 for under graduate courses
TOEFL 80 for under graduate courses
IELTS 7.5 for post graduate courses
TOEFL 90 for post graduate courses
GMAT For MBA courses
GRE For MS or MA courses

Cost To Study In Singapore For International/Indian Students

The tuition fee or fee in Singapore University for Indian students varies according to the courses and the university opted for Study in Singapore. Generally, for the Study in Singapore after 10 +2, students can go for undergraduate courses and the tuition fee is approximately 12 Lakh INR ($ 16117.91 US)and for the post graduate courses the estimated cost of study in Singapore is 17 lakh INR or ($ 23000 USD).

Degree Type Average Annual Tuition Fee
Bachelors SD$ 17,000 - SD$64,000
Masters SD$ 35,000 - SD$90,000

Cost of Living for a International Student

The cost of living for international students in Singapore tends to be relatively higher. Consequently, if you opt for studying in Singapore, meticulous budgeting and advance financial planning become imperative. Generally, you should anticipate requiring approximately SD$ 1,000 to SD$ 1,400 per month, excluding rent expenses. On an average basis, the primary components contributing to the cost of living for international students in Singapore encompass the following:

Particular Average Cost Per Month
Apartment housing including utilities SD$ 2,000 - SD$ 5,000
Food SD$ 350 and upward
On-campus housing SD$ 250 - SD$ 600
Books and supplies SD$ 150
Miscellaneous SD$ 500

List Of Singapore Universities Provide Scholarships for International Students

The Study in Singapore can be free or cost free as there are University and Government funded scholarships for the international students who want to pursue their dreams to Study in Singapore. The Scholarships for Study in Singapore for Indian students:

Scholarship in Singapore for International students Scholarship in Singapore for International students
Singapore International Graduate award For Phd, $ 200 to $ 2500 per month
ADB Japan Scholarship for developing countries For post graduation, it covers tuition fee, monthly allowance.
Commonwealth Scholarship for Integrated Science For Masters and Phd, covers tuition fee and other allowances.
Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarship For a Full time degree, stipend $ 33,00 per month.
ASEAN Scholarship For Bachelor’s degree, tuition fee and other allowances.

Student Visa Requirements in Singapore

SOLAR is the student registration body in Singapore which issues student visas which are known as Student pass in Singapore and the international students need a student pass which they wish to Study in Singapore for more than 3o days course in IHL( Institutes of Higher Learning, which are universities).The time of processing of student pass is 15 days to 30 days approximately. You may require an interview also then the time will be extended by a month.

Singapore Student visa Type of Singapore Student Visa
Short term Student pass Valid for 3 months for certificate or diploma courses
Long term Student Pass For the duration of a Bachelor or Master course.
Singapore Student visa Cost of Student visa
Student Visa processing fee $ 30 SGD
Student visa Issuance fee $ 60 SGD

Documents Required For Singapore Student Visa

  • Passport
  • Student visa Application
  • Receipt of Student visa application fees.
  • Letter by IHL Singapore.
  • Proof of funds.
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Test scores of entrance exams.

Steps For Singapore Student Visa 2022:

  • IHL registers an application on the website of SOLAR. Singapore.
  • Submit form 16 and V36.
  • Pay Application fee.

OR consult the best study in Singapore consultants and Britannica Overseas is the best Study abroad consultants.

Best student cities

Some of the best cities to study in Singapore are:

  • Kampong Glam
  • Jurong East
  • Bukit Batok
  • Pasir Ris

Singapore boasts a plethora of attractions that cater to diverse interests, ranging from outdoor adventures and natural landscapes to cultural wonders. Among the notable destinations you might explore are Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Cloud Forest, Marina Bay, Chinatown, Clarke Quay, and the renowned Universal Studios, each offering its own unique charm and experiences.

Work Opportunities During Study In Singapore

There are 4 types of post study work visas in Singapore and are defined on the basis of their tenure. The international students in Singapore can apply for the short term work visa of 90 days after the completion of the study program in Singapore in case the student pass has expired. After graduation, the long term work visa can be applied as LTVP(Long Term Social Visit Pass). There are 3 options of work visas for the international students.

Part-Time Jobs Average Salary Per Hour
Retail Staff SD$ 8
Library Assistant SD$ 14
Sales Associate SD$ 10
Data Entry Staff SD$ 10
Business Operations SD$ 11
Waiting Staff SD$ 8
Receptionist SD$ 10
F&B Staff SD$ 8

Post Study Work Options For International Students In Singapore

In Singapore, a monthly salary of SD$ 5,000 or more is generally regarded as a favourable income for professionals. However, the specific amount you earn hinges on a range of practical job-related factors. Let's delve into some of the prominent professions and their corresponding salaries in Singapore:

Area of Specialisation Average Annual Salary
Software Engineering & IT SD$ 66,800
Finance SD$ 87,500
Teaching SD$ 91,000
Hospitality and Tourism SD$ 56,000
Data Science SD$ 92,000

Study In Singapore FAQs
Firstly, have a valid passport and apply for study to the university in Singapore and after getting the letter of acceptance from IHL , apply for the student Pass Singapore.
The average tuition fee in Singapore or cost of study in Singapore is $ 400 to $ 800 approximately. But it varies according to the course , its duration and the university you have applied for.
Yes, proof of funds is necessary to apply for Study in Singapore.
There are government and University scholarships available for the international students based upon their academic performance.
Yes, the Study in Singapore is free of cost if the student is eligible to apply for the scholarship for his studies. And for more details regarding it, you may contact our expert team at Britannica Overseas.
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