International Students Study In India

International Students Study In India

International Students Study In India

Growth In Number Of Foreign Students Studying In India

All India Survey data from Government of India for the year 2022 on Higher Education states a predominant growth in the number of foreign students pooling to India to further their education. The 42% increase in the number of foreign student’s enrollments for various universities of India shows that India could lead the future higher education statistics for foreign nationals.

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Statistics Of Foreign Students In India On Study Visa

Study in India has become prominent for international students from various countries. According to 2021 statistics India attracted foreign students from 174 world countries, nevertheless most students are from nearby countries. India ranked as the world’s second largest higher education system, accommodating 45,000 colleges and 950 Universities appealing to the global students to study.

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Available statistics indicate that during 2016 to 2021 over 3.34 lakh students from 170 plus countries migrated to India on study Visas. And in the year 2019 a number of 74,879 students got admitted to various universities of India whereas in 2018 the number is 72,268. This number greatly declined during the pandemic however post pandemic in 2021 increased to 48,000 students. Though the statistics are not optimistic post pandemic, the surge in 2022 admission reached 2019 statistics shows India is increasing the popularity in foreign students.

Target 2024-25 For International Students Study In India

Over 3,00,000 foreign students enrolment target for the year 2023 not a difficult feat to accomplish with increasing rush of foreign student population opting for India. The government of India harnessed its full potential to network the highest number of international admission by year 2023 in collaboration with prominent universities of India.

List Of Top Countries Ranked High In Number To Study In India

The foreign students come from over 175 countries across the globe to study their preferred courses at various colleges of India. The highest share of the students are from neighboring countries of India like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Yemen, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Pakistan and Iran. However students from China, US, and other developed countries have shown a surge the past few years, endorsing India becoming the Educational Hub in SAARC region.

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Popular Course Among Foreign Students Enrolling In India

The courses that are most popular among the foreign nationals enrolling in Indian Universities might be a surprise for all. The top ranked courses contributing the highest number of enrolments to Indian universities are B.Tech, B. Commerce, B. Arts, MBBS, Nursing, BDS, Pharmacy, B. Sciences, Engineering, Business Management, Business Administration and so on at undergraduate level. For post-graduation MBA, MA and M.Sc tops the positions 74.5% choice.

Study In India For International Students

The Government of India successfully endorsed India to become the prime education hub for international students offering a great set of attractions. Being the second largest in the higher education system of the world, India provides state of art infrastructure, modern laboratories, well equipped class rooms, top grade resources, interactive learning, 360 degree support, solidifying the strong sense of belief in international students to choose India as their destination for future education.

Top 10 Reasons To Study In India

  • Aside from the rich history of higher education, with the most prestigious and home to oldest universities, India has a wide spread of reasons to be chosen as the prominent choice to study by foreign nationals. Get a glimpse of the same to discover Indian education system:Global quality education beyond classrooms
  • Blending traditional teaching with innovative technologies
  • Cater from wide range of course and programs
  • Global exposure through inventions and discoveries
  • Holistic experience and explorative learning
  • English teaching and widely spoken across the country
  • Fine quality of education at very affordable tuition fees
  • Explore the diverse culture, languages, cuisines and the authentic India
  • Top companies CEO’s are mostly Indian now
  • Boom your career at leading educational institutes fostering skills and knowledge
  • Economic life style and low cost of living
  • Hurdle free visa process, student friendly admission process

India, increasingly becoming the top choice for foreign nationals, can top the statistics in the upcoming years. A great opportunity for foreign nationals to explore authentic India, feeling the four seasons, multiple cultures, greatest historic and scenic spots, delicious cuisines, and much more. Have a beguiling experience, exploring through the oldest civilizations, varied festivals, rich traditions, arts and crafts, magnificent architecture, music and dance, the epitome of diversity and beauty. India—the one place on the Earth where your dreams can find a home, in your past, present and future.

Top Courses To Study In India For International Students

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