MBA In Marketing In Canada

MBA In Marketing In Canada

MBA In Marketing In Canada

MBA In Marketing In Canada: Universities, Fees, Work Opportunities

Obtaining an MBA in marketing in Canada can assist students in developing a profitable global profession in the future. Full-time courses might last up to two years, but there are also short-term programs in Canada. Many colleges and universities now offer MBA degrees with a marketing specialization.

Highlights of Marketing MBA in Canada

Duration 1 to 2 years
Universities offering MBA in Marketing Schulich School of BusinessSmith School of BusinessGoodman School of BusinessDeGroote School of BusinessIvey Business School
Eligibility Criteria A bachelor’s degree obtaining the requisite GMAT or GRE scores
Average fees (annually) CAD 30,000 to CAD 40,000
Career prospects Operations ManagerBrand ManagerMarketing ManagerMarketing Channel StrategiesProduct Manager

MBA in Marketing – Canada’s Finest Universities

According to estimations, the average salary of a marketing MBA graduate in Canada is CAD 86,000-95,000. There is quickly rising employment for graduates from a variety of business sectors, as well as a lucrative salary. The best universities in Canada for a marketing MBA are listed below.

Institution Name Course/Program Information Duration Approximate Fees
Smith School of Business Full-Time MBA with Marketing and Sales Specialization  1-2 years  CAD 102,100 
Schulich School of Business Consumer Marketing department with emphasis on brand management, general marketing, marketing communications and marketing research.  Four terms CAD 106,900 
DeGroote School of Business The full-time MBA program with optional paid internships between the first and second levels. Specializations in Marketing, and Strategic Marketing.  20 months  CAD 92,000 for MBA with Co-Op. CAD 86,000 for the regular MBA program. 
Lazaridis School of Business and Economics Industry-standard MBA curriculum, multi-delivery educational format, and practical exposure for full-time MBA at Waterloo campus with Marketing specialization.    12 months or three academic terms.  CAD 74,400 
Desautels Faculty of Management One and two-year MBA programs emphasize new-age sectors like data analysis, AI (Artificial Intelligence), financial technology, and design.  1-2 years  CAD 99,500 
Ivey Business School The 1 year MBA program specializes in Consumer Marketing and Marketing Strategy.  1 year  CAD 83,250 
Goodman School of Business  Full-time MBA course with specialization in Marketing.  1-2 years  CAD 32,550 

How Can You Apply For A Marketing MBA In Canada?

Applying to the best MBA in Marketing programs in Canada is not difficult. Candidates must go to the official websites of the universities to which they wish to apply and review the eligibility criteria and conditions.

They must complete their online application forms and submit them after satisfying the requirements and submitting all essential papers. They can also create an account if necessary, check the status of their application, and apply for a student visa after they have received confirmation.

MBA In Marketing- Eligibility Criteria In Canada:

The eligibility criteria for Indian students seeking an MBA in Marketing from a Canadian university differ. Before applying, students should visit their official websites. However, there are a few standard requirements for MBA applicants.

  • A bachelor’s degree from a reputable college or university is required.
  • Work experience that meets the requirements of the Canadian institution. While it is not required at all universities, having two to four years of work experience on average provides applicants an advantage.
  • Applicants from non-English speaking countries should provide TOEFL and IELTS scores as proof of English language proficiency.
  • GMAT- Scores on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) are necessary for admission to Canada’s top MBA institutions and universities.

MBA in Marketing Admissions Process and Documents Required in Canada

Before the chosen academic session begins, candidates should apply for 15-18 months at MBA marketing institutes in Canada. On the websites of their individual universities and business schools, they will discover application forms. The following are the documents that must be included:

  • Academic records transcripts
  • Certificates of completion of the GMAT and the English language competency test
  • For financial verification, bank statements are required.
  • Work experience documentation
  • Letters of recommendation from supervisors or managers, or letters of recommendation from professors from a previous graduate degree
  • A CV/resume 
  • A CV/resume 
  • Documents related to visas

MBA in Canada: Cost for International Students

The cost of an MBA in Canada varies by university and is determined by the university’s popularity and amenities. Students interested in pursuing an MBA in Marketing can expect to pay anywhere from CAD 30,000 to CAD 1,000,000 in tuition fees.

Why should you pursue an MBA in Marketing in Canada?

The following are some of the benefits of getting your marketing MBA in Canada:

  • Cost of living and university fees: For MBA courses, tuition fees in Canada are comparatively low. The fees are less expensive than MBA programs in the United Kingdom and the United States. In comparison to many other countries, Canada has lower living costs.
  • Opportunities for employment: Canada offers a thriving job market and a stable economy, allowing access to new projects, emerging job possibilities, and fast-growing industries.
  • Quality Education: Canada is known around the world for its innovative MBA programmes, teaching methodologies, and research and innovation infrastructure. With the best curricula, laboratories, and other facilities, the country provides cutting-edge management education to students. Practical and analytical abilities are developed in students, which are in high demand nowadays.

Scope of MBA Marketing in Canada

MBA marketing has a bright future ahead of it in Canada. An MBA degree holder can earn anywhere from CAD 38,696 to CAD 89,941 per year, according to estimates. With more employment openings in major Canadian cities and skyrocketing market demand, marketing is a field that is rapidly expanding in Canada. Branding, advertising, digital marketing, and marketing communications experts are in high demand in a variety of industries. Graduates with a marketing MBA can work in a range of government departments and administrative roles in Canada.

The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) allows graduates to remain in the nation and gain essential professional experience. They can apply for a three-year PGWP with an average course length of one to two years. They can also apply for PR (permanent residency) after five years in the nation and meeting the necessary requirements. They can also use the Express Entry system to apply for PR.

Job Opportunities After MBA in Marketing from Canada

MBA in Marketing students with degrees from the leading universities in Canada have a bright future and a plethora of work prospects. Following are some of the employment options and average annual salaries available in Canada for students who have completed an MBA in marketing:

  • Manager of Advertising and Product (CAD 36,100)
  • Management of Quality (CAD 58,500)
  • Manager of Product Marketing (CAD 80,000)
  • Marketing Manager (CAD 70,000 – CAD 80,000 )
  • Manager, Marketing and Communications (CAD 75,000–CAD 95,000)
  •  Senior Strategic Marketing Manager (CAD 88,000 – CAD 1,00,000)
  • Associate Director, Marketing and Recruitment (CAD 75,000–90,000)

MBA in Marketing vs MS in Marketing

The MBA in Marketing is a specialised and professional programme that focuses on several marketing paths such as internet marketing, digital marketing, and global marketing. Finance, advertising, brand management, operations, and strategy are all included in the curriculum. This programme might last anywhere from one to two years.

The Master of Science in Marketing is a research-based programme that examines customer behaviour in the marketplace with a focus on methodologies for developing marketing strategies, mastering market theories, and conducting advanced marketing research. This course will take two years to complete.

What Are the Differences Between MBA in Marketing and MS in Marketing?

  MBA in Marketing MBA in Science
Previous work experience 2-4 years of experience are required No experience is required. Or if required, it is as low as 1-2 years
Career paths Brand ManagerProduct ManagerMarketing Manager Marketing AnalystMarketing CoordinatorMarketing Assistant
Curriculum Has broader horizons even beyond marketing principles such as finance, operations, and strategy Exclusively dives deep into marketing concepts to get an in-depth knowledge of the subjects
Internships Candidates get to intern full-time at companies like Mars Petcare and Matell for 10-12 hours per week  Candidates can intern part-time but their internship is not as formal as an MBA program.
Duration 1-2 years 2 years
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